Who is the Secret Pro?

Outside of unsafe barriers, none of that is the UCI’s responsibility or inherently unsafe. You wants races on roads, there’s gonna be road furniture… pay attention… next you’ll be complaining that the UCI isn’t out filling potholes and road cracks. And there’s nothing wrong with downhill sprints.

Mentioning TT’s… that’s honestly probably the lone area of modern racing that is actually unsafe, TT bikes are a joke in anything but perfect conditions. You want the UCI to make racing safer, ban TT bikes and let everyone run normal road bikes with rims no deeper than 80mm and toss aero extensions on them if they’re feeling it. Full disc, hyper aero bikes, on 21mm tires under 60kg riders laid out superman style with a narrow control interface, in crosswinds is probably the most inherently unsafe part of a grand tour.

The design of the final kilometers of major races is absolutely part of the UCI’s responsibility. Road furniture will always feature in road races, but it doesn’t have to be in the middle of a sprint finish stage.

The riders managed to get together enough to have that downhill finish taken out of the Tour of Poland, but not before a major crash that put Fabio Jacobsen in a coma. And yes, reckless riding and crappy barriers both played their part in that one, but all-round it was a finish that shouldn’t have been approved.

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Very substantially. Some of the run ins they choose are silly, and sometimes the marshalling isn’t brilliant, but no, the gladiator comparison is bathetic.

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Agreed, except that I don’t see why you’d go back to the west to Arras from Arenberg. Rather push east through the Parc Naturel de l’Avesnois, or south to get closer to Paris and use the sectors south of Arenberg…

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Who says TSP is just 1 person? Why can’t it be more than 1?
  2. I have a t-shirt which clearly states I am the secret pro.