Whoop wearable, is it worth it?

Ok… well, thanks for clearing up that by saying “the data is pretty suspect” you didn’t mean to imply that the data was in any way suspect.

Oh well schitt…my bad. I left out “analysis” when I fired off that post earlier as it should have said “data analysis is pretty suspect”. Clearly all the other posts I made on the issue making my meaning very clear were outweighed by what was essentially a typo…thankfully you were here to beat a meaningless point into the ground.

Well done!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Actually, I just shared a different experience and you seemed to jump into full defensive mode over your very clear statement being interpreted as it was written… but glad that’s all settled now just the same.

Uh no…I was making it clear that I had no reason to believe the data was bad, nor did I say anything about your experience. You were misinterpreting my sentiments and I was clarifying.

But keep flogging away at that dead carcass.

I said literally nothing about your “sentiments” and mentioned only that I had a differing experience vis a vis the relevance of the predictive data reflecting how I felt… shit man, I didn’t even @ you in my response, and yet you felt the need to get all hopped up about your statements being interpreted for exactly what they said.

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to interpret “I think the data is pretty suspect” as anything other than “I think the data is pretty suspect” but hey, you can call it a typo or pretend it was misinterpreted or whatever you wanna do lil buddy…

He said, unironically, as he continued to flog on.

Is this like a weird thing where you just need to have the last word, cause you can just say that’s it and we can move on if that’s the case… or is there a point you’re desperate to make that’s being “misinterpreted” here again?

Wow, I was just asking if Whoop was any good.

I think in the future people need to be more respectful on these forums. I have seen the same people aggressive in order to prove a point, which is really disappointing and is a big turn off.


I agree with you. Many instances of pointless arguing in the forum between the same people using an aggressive and demeaning tone. It’s not very fun.