Why are hookless rims a thing on road bikes?

Definitely - I remove the valve core for all seating attempts so I didn’t include that in the list of “tricks”! Never had any issues with other TL tyres such as Hutchinson Sector and Maxxis ReFuse which have seated fine with either a compressor or a plain old track pump.

Then I’m out of ideas too. What a PITA, one I thankfully haven’t experienced yet.

I absolutely agree with that, but at the moment the manufacturers just aren’t there. I had a watch of a video on how bike tyres are made and it seemed like there were quite a few approximations that would make a process engineer tear their hair out!

Success! After running it for about seven weeks and 500km with a tube installed, I had another go today and it seated first go with the Airshot. Adding that to the list of tricks.

That’s great news - I suppose it’s remolded a little over that time. Copying in @david.rome as I don’t think this solution is in the CT endless FAQ on tubeless :+1:

Yeah, no thanks. I can’t recall having a tubed tyre blow off ever, road or MTB, in the past forty years.
I’ll take the flats - I’ve had one in the past year or so.


Thanks for considering me and the article.

In this case, the trick of using an inner tube to seat and form the tyre is already in the FAQ. :slight_smile:

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Similar for me. I rolled a couple of tubs in races in the late 80s / early 90s on long descents in the July heat when the cement wasn’t so good. I’ve blown two Shwalbe clinchers off the rim in around 2010 but Shwalbe’s distributor warrantied them and said they had a bad batch. Other than that, in over 30 years of riding hooked clinchers on road and MTB I’ve never has an issue. The hooks are a very logical safety step that imo is necessary until tyre manufacturers all meet a much higher standard of manufacturing tolerances and QA.


^^ 100%, and should be the end of discussion.

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+1 - never had a tyre burp from a clincher rim (except a faulty Challenge “handmade tubular”, that was my first Challenge tyre - and will have been my last).

Did you try to seat the tyre while keeping the rim in your hand, not touching the ground?