Why no MTB coverage on CT?

Seems to me stupid that CT only seems to post road coverage. The latest Freewheeling podcast a week ago had a summary of the MTB Worlds courses and competitors. Now the Worlds have been over for half a day and CT is the only site I have looked at that has not a mention of the results anywhere. Lots of coverage of road races that I’ve never even heard of like the Tour Poitou but not a peep about MTB Worlds. Very disappointing. Makes me less likely to go to CT for anything other than tech stuff.

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We are talking World Championships. Bit important.

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I used to have an office and people would come in and ask for things we didn’t do. Sometimes they would really insist, even though it was so far outside my speciality that I wouldn’t even be able to provide the service.

I never understood those people.


Why have an entire CT sponsored podcast about the Worlds and then not publish a single word about the results. Both Velonews and Pinkbike had coverage (I think it was the same article) and both are also in the Outside group. Why can’t CT do the same?

Both Velonews and Pinkbike had coverage (I think it was the same article) and both are also in the Outside group. Why can’t CT do the same?

Probably because there are two sites already in the Outside group already doing this.

MTB just isn’t really what they do. It could be, if they were interested in it, I guess. But it’s not. Lucky for you there’s Pinkbike and Velonews.


I never see any road coverage on PinkBike…


I think the issue is they chose such a poor name for their website that people would genuinely assume they talk all things cycling and would give tips.

They do none of the above.

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Nothing poor about it. Wade started this thing as a cycling tips blog. You can’t blame him for what he ended up with later.


Pinkbike was actually running a once a month recap of random road articles from cycling tips after they acquired cycling tips. It just stopped doing it earlier thia summer.

Most of the CT staff ride mountain bikes (myself included), but as others have mentioned, there are already other sites within the same company that cover mountain bikes. Pinkbike is the world’s largest MTB site. There’s little reason for us to lightly cover what they already cover in great depth.

Keep in mind that for everything we do, we have to NOT do something else. We don’t have unlimited staff and resources.


I understand the issues around not being able to do everything. I guess that I found it weird to have an entire Freewheeling podcast on the MTB Worlds and then no coverage. Especially when the podcast commentators admitted to not knowing that much about MTB. Seems like the podcast time could have been better used for something else more along CT’s main editorial interests.

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there was no coverage - not even results - of the UCI European Championships either…

the „official“ reply was kind of lame in my books :see_no_evil:


A CyclingTips Tip: There are always results in the top right of the homepage, whether we write up a story or not :slight_smile:

Re: The Euros and other races we don’t cover, we aren’t CN or VN and don’t really want to be (nor do we need another media entity like that I think?). To do the things that you all like about CT - go deeper, real reporting, quirky stories - we have to be somewhat selective about what races we cover in any depth.


I demand McDonalds expand its selection. One order of McNoodles please.


I’ve often longed for (and would be willing to pay a supporter subscription) for more regular cross-country mountain bike racing coverage. If not via CyclingTips, perhaps another website. CyclingTips just happens to have the right attitude and style.

I know that Pinkbike has some XC coverage once in a while - which I really appreciate - but their site’s content and community is and has always been way more focused on DH, enduro, slopestyle and freeriding.

An XC mountain bike racing website I go to when it’s updated is MarathonMTB.com because it has this type of content. I just wish there was more of this content on the web, including racing news, interviews, product reviews, industry analysis and racing tips.

So, yeah basically CyclingTips XC MTB :slight_smile:


I almost feel that XC would fit in here with all the gravel stuff.

To be clear: I would like that.

But equally I understand why it’s not here.


I get so mad when I’m hungry for pizza, and I go in to McDonald’s and they don’t have any. What is their problem? Don’t they want my business?!


I used to work in a run/hike/ski shop, and someone once called about a refrigerator for their RV. When I told him we couldn’t help him and I didn’t have a recommendation, he got mad at me.


Surprising developments in shuttlecock technology these days I’m very disappointed CyclingTips isn’t covering badminton more.