Will r8070/r9170 continue for a bit longer?

Does anyone know whether the current 11sp Ultegra/ Dura-Ace Di2 will continue to be produced for a while? I’m curious as to whether the release of the 12sp groups means the end of 11sp Di2 in the near future. With the global shortages at the moment it is hard to tell. While there may be some unofficial compatibility, I don’t think I am quite ready to make the move to something brand new given the cost. Any insights would be much appreciated!

Just my opinion, not a secure piece of information…
11sp Dura Ace will be immediately discontinued
11sp MECHANICAL Ultegra will be produced for a while (maybe just one year)
11sp Ultegra di2 will be immediately discontinued

Spare parts for 11sp will be available for a long time (such as now you can find parts for 10sp 6800-7900 groupsets).

You’d think 105 would become 12 speed but Shimano may keep it at 11 to differentiate it from Ultegra.

Assuming it’s in a year’s time, the launch of the new 105 will be very interesting. 105, Di2?

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I can’t see that happening, Sora is still mechanical and as much as trickle-down happens, it’s like; not gonna happen

I just wrote a message in the “mechanical Dura Ace” thread…
Here in Europe, after months of no available shimano groupset on line, now I see stocks of Ultegra and 105 mechanical…
It seems that the production of Ultegra 11sp is still continuing!
No Dura Ace 9100 BTW…

GRX is still 11 speed and not on the horizon for a refresh so staying with 11 speed you’ve got shifters and mechs available for the foreseeable future.

The shifters (IMHO) are nicer than Ultegra.

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Shimano have indicated they will be continuing 11sp mech Ultegra “for at least 12 months”.

I guess we will have to see which way 105 goes (assuming R7100 is released next year). Could be either 12sp mechanical, or 11sp budget di2.

The 105 equipped road bike is an important price point for “affordable performance”. I’m assuming there is significant OEM pressure not to go too exotic or pricey for 105.

If 105 was to gain di2 then they’d have to have a mechanical version as well otherwise there’d be no Shimano options left for anyone who was a performance groupset but doesn’t have a huge budget.

Thinking especially of people who race as shifters and rear mechs are often damaged in a crash.

Like sadly did SRAM

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