Winter Tires (Tyres)

Start a thread for what is consuming my mental decision making!

Winter tyres for the UK - WET, DIRTY roads - sticks and junk and rain and rain …

I’m thinking …

of 28mm or 32mm in …

Conti GP 5000
Conti 4 Season
# Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR
Schwalbe One V-Guard

Veloflex Corsa Race TLR

etc etc … i’m getting lost !!!

I’m using 27mm Vittoria Pave’s as they were only £20 each at Wiggle. Lovely ride quality due to the 320tpi casing and tons of grip.

I might try the Cinturato’s when they wear out.

I used the Veloflex’s on my summer bike, sumptuous ride quality but the sidewalls are very thin. Also they drank sealant, I had to top them up every month! It appears I’m not the only person with this issue as well.

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The GP5000s are a great tyre but not a winter tyre IMO. IRC Formula Pro X guard are a really decent option, though not cheap. I’ve also run Bontrager R3 Hardcase Lite all year round and they work fairly well.

A no brainer–whatever the folks were using in the Paris-Roubaix race–the ones that ended up with no punctures!!

That is the new gp5000 tubeless - though I think they are $100 per tire!!!

In the winter, I ride Schwalbe Duranos. The good is that I’ve had no punctures, and they’re still in good shape after two winters. The bad is last spring, they (I) slipped on a paved road with loose gravel, sending me into a nasty crash. I wouldn’t call them supple. Might replace them with whatever’s most recommended here.

When in stock, they’re (Conti GP5000 TL) $106/pair, with sealant, for either 25 or 28 at Wiggle…

Panaracer Race D - Evo 4s
Good puncture resistance, last well and grip quite nicely.

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I think loose gravel will drop anyone. It is the most dangerous.
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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I use Conti 4 Season on my wet weather/ winter bike. Never used a more reliable tyre, and it rolls pretty well too.


I use these too pretty cheap have done the job for me too.

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Well… Colbrelli finished with two deflated tires. Not flat, but we may as well be accurate.

Btw moscon was running the same tire and basically had his race ended by a puncture (because it led to a horrible bike change).

Same, Conti 4 seasons. Nicer than and I believe lighter than a Gatorskin or Marathon

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I use Schwalbe One for commuting and winter, tubeless. Slightly heavier and most likely slower than the Pro One but not an issue for me. The roads aren’t particularly bad here in Melbourne but in 4 years or so I’ve had one puncture that wouldn’t seal.

I also used Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance 11 Storm for a while, they were also grippy and no punctures to speak of.

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Hey, OP–took me several days and a few replies to finally figure out what “Winer” tires meant (I’m slow…)–thought it was some new in-crowd biking term. You know, you can edit your title, thereby upping the possibility of getting useful responses, as in “Winter”…!



Teach me to type on my phone!

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The 4 season contis are where I am lenaing (32mm) and the Pirelli Velo Cintura as runner-up!

For too much reading … Compare 27 of the best wet-weather & winter tyres — keep riding in the cold and wet |

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A warning about the Ones (admittedly the clincher version). I had an issue with a blowout because of a fault in the tyre where it joins the bead, and know of several people who had the same. They’re on my ‘would never buy again’ list. I’m glad you’ve had a good experience, but I’d be wary of these. Perhaps the tubeless are a better bet, but even so…

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I’ve used Conti 4 seasons and they are pretty good (Northern Italy climate, as cold as UK in winter, just not very rainy, but fog, fog, fog, everywhere so wet roads).
Now I’m using Schwalbe Durano DD, also good and less expensive.
Both are not tubeless, but it seems you are searching for tube type clincher, so these are my reccomendations.