Winter Tires (Tyres)

For Paris (France) and around, I find Conti GP5000 strong enough for winter so I ride them all year round. As long as I stay away from very dirty roads in the rain, no issues.

I use Panaracer GRAVELKING FOLDING TLC CLINCHER 32mm. Set up tubeless they have been near bullet proof. Not the fastest but grippy when wet or really cold.

I used Michelin Pro4 Endurance in 28s last winter in the UK as there were no Conti Seasons left!! Did me well for grip/puncture protection etc.

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Good call, I forgot about these! I used them many years ago before I moved to tubeless and they were awesome. The 28 is quite wide as well, measures around 30 on modern rims.

Yeah, I commute on the Pro 4 Endurances, another thing is they seem to last for ages.

Only thing is I’m unconvinced of their wet grip but I’m hardly leaning into corners on the commute

UK in the winter people—not P-R in the autumn or Australia!

Conti Gatorskins if you don’t want to be stopped on the side of the road with a puncture from the inevitable flint washed from the gutter onto the road.

If you don’t mind rolling the dice a little— Vittoria Rubino Pro Control (or Conti 4-Season).

On the basis that the new GP5K is both good enough for world TTS and Paris Roubaix I’d say it’s your best summer tyre and your winter tyre. It’s mad.

Otherwise previously I’ve always been keen on Cora’s Controls.

Gatorskins are a death wish in the winter. Hard casing, zero grip. They also ride horribly in the summer.

Basically only buy Gatorskins if you hate cycling.

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Yep. Gatorskins + wet mucky roads = hitting the deck.

I’d far rather occasionally change a tube then have to ride Skaterskins.

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Interesting to find that BRR tested the 5000 S TR as having less puncture resistance than the 5000 TL. As they said we’ll have to wait for real world experiences, but I think I’ll be sticking with Schwalbe One, Corsa Control and possibly the P-Zero at some point.

Hear, hear. Gatorskins are very robust, but that’s about all they’ve got going for them.

As a UK rider I agree that flint wash is the biggest issue in the lanes from October-April.

IRC Formula Pro X guard RBCC, or Pirelli Cinturato Velo, are more or less as robust as the Gatorskins and much grippier.

In the summer, I’ll ride Hutchinson Fusion 11 Performance or Michelin Power Road; in the winter, the IRCs or Pirellis.

A very knowledgeable chap (Malcolm at the Cycle Clinic - uk readers might know him) swears by IRC roadlites for a year round tyre, but the reviews are a bit lukewarm. He’s spot on in his assessment of everything else I’ve used, mind you, so maybe it’s worth a go next year.

Bontrager r3 Hard case lites aren’t bad all year tyres, if you accept that like all all-rounders, they’re not brilliant at any 1 job. I was happy with Schwalbe Ones as all year tyres too, until the sidewall failed, so they’re on the ‘never again’ list.

I keep being very tempted by a pair of Rene Herse for summer, but the BRR tests - basically 0 puncture resistance, apparently - put me off. I’ve had to call in back up twice this year, and suffice to say, I wasn’t popular; I don’t want it happening again!

+1 for Vittoria Open Pave. They’re really good in grip and I can’t remember having punctured riding them, honestly. But: the rear tyre didn’t last as much as the front one