Would you still buy Dura-Ace mechanical if it was offered?

Shimano has finally unveiled its new Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets and has gone all-in on Di2.

Assuming it would be priced in line with Ultegra Di2, who here would have bought a Dura-Ace 12-speed mechanical groupset?


Nope. Di2 for the win.

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No. 105 is good enough in terms of mechanical.

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I currently have Dura Ace di2 on one bike and mechanical ultegra on 2 others. If I was buying a top end bike I think I would go di2, if I was going to go mechanical I think Ultegra would be my choice.


Nope. I have DA Di2 on two roadies, DA 9000 mech on another and Ultegra mech on my TT rig and the Di2 is noticeably better

To be honest, probably not. Which is sad, because I want it to remain an option, like manual cars.
I’d probably stick to mechanical for a touring bike but I do like the programmability of electronic systems.
Which is hypocritical of me because I do lament the fact that everything needs charging these days.


About sums it up for me as well. I’d settled on Ultegra mechanical for most of my bikes simply to make spares easier.

Not opposed to Di2 but prefer to see mechanical remain an option.


I would be more interested in mechanical Ultegra. I agree 105 is the best bang for buck, but something about Ultegra mechanical is just a small improvement.

I would buy mechanical dura-ace if I could afford it.

I can’t, so I’d likely stick to a 105-ultegra mix. Maybe some dura-ace bits if I can find a really good deal.


I would have for sure. As the owner of a fleet of custom Steel and Ti, rim braked, mechanical bikes, I’d be all over it. As it now stands if I want to take any of mechanical bikes to 12, Campagnolo it is! I have one Super Record mechanical bike in the fleet, and if any of my D/A bikes are going to go 12, it’s bye bye Shimano.


I agree Di2 is the future. It is just better than mechanical.

But mechanical is still good enough. In answering your question DA mech vs. Ultegra Di2, that’s easy - the latter. DA is a bit of a price gouge.

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If I had the money, I’d get either in Di2 even if I do enjoy fiddling around with the barrel adjusters. The same way that I like an automatic transmission on my car but would be fine with manual if it were handed to me.

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Nope. I’ve been electronic for 8 years now. I sweat a lot and I had to replace cables 4 or 5 times a years due to salt corrosion. Not anymore. Have touched the shifting in years.

I would have considered it. I’m just not interested in di2. High end mech groups already shift more than well enough for me, and if I had extra money burning a hole in my pocket there’s a bunch of things I’d rather have than slightly better shifting.


I have mechanical DA 11 speed and like the simplicity of it and would probably do the same with 12 speed. I am not opposed to Di2, my wife loves her’s. I just like a really well shifting mechanical drive train. I don’t blame Shimano for not offering mechanical 12 speed. Sales would have been poor.


Would totally buy a DA 12spd mech groupset, in rim brake too. I’m missing the days where you could easily get a groupset under 2kg. Who wants to pay dura-ace prices for a gruppo that weighs 2.5kg?


Ultegra/Mechanical/Rim Brake is the sweet spot as far as I’m concerned. Can’t do a lot better in terms of performance, and any step up is a dramatic price increase.


I would. I still run mechanical DA on my roadie. I’m old school & have seen too many of my mates stuck in one gear due to flat battery.


Nope. I feel there is always going to be room for mechanical in gravel, MTB and entry level roadies but by the time you get to Ultegra level and above the benefits of DI2 are just so great I just can’t see why you would not go for it.

I run Ultegra Di2 on my roadie, 105 on my gravel bike and XT on my MTB and that combination of mechanical where is suits and electronics where you really feel the benefits works for me.


I was considering going back to Shimano for one of my bikes with what I thought would be a newly released mechanical Dura-Ace but obviously not now as I wanted mechanical and rim brakes. I’m happy to just stick with Campagnolo 12 speed.