Would you still buy Dura-Ace mechanical if it was offered?

Dura Ace mechanical? Nope, just can’t justify the expense. But I would have bought mechanical Ultegra if I needed to replace the 10 speed mechanical group I currently have. Mechanical Ultegra was the sweet spot in terms of price and performance for me. Guess it will be mechanical 105 going forward.

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No. I think it’s time to move into the 2020’s

If the existing Dura-Ace mechanical trickles down to 105 level (for the current price), it is fine with me.

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Definitely not - been on Di2 since 6770, not going back


On Chorus 11 and H11 on both my ‘modern’ dropbar bikes. I have no desire to switch to electronic shifting and 105 level is simply too ‘cheap’ for me in terms of finish (not fond of Ultegra finish either) and way too heavy.
My next groupset will be 12 speed and mechanical…

If i where into electronics the cost of the new Ultegra 12 speed is simply too expensive, here in Europe more expensive than Record 12 speed.

Presently Chorus 12 speed is the cheapest 12 speed groupset.

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Nope but I would buy Ultegra mechanical. Now that it’s not an option, if I need a new groupset I’ll probably move over to Campagnolo.

Electric gears to me is just an additional expense for no real benefit.

And we’ve all been on several of those group rides where someone’s eTap/Di2 runs out of battery and they’re hilariously spinning away in the small ring :joy:


Di2 for road no question. For gravel Shimano still has some gear range issues with 11spd if you run 1x (especially top end with a 44t / 11x40) but I still prefer GRX Di2 over mechanical regardless.

I have XTR 12 speed on my MTB and it is fantastic, but having to worry about housing and cables and keeping those in stock reminds me how much I like Di2. That said, not in any hurry for a 12spd XTR Di2, especially since there’s no good place to secure an internal battery and you are much more likely to destroy a rear derailleur.

Not sure if I would buy DA mechanical, but Ultegra mechanical would still definitely make sense to me. Don’t see the point to spend more for electronic shifting: there is potential for issues I can’t diagnose and fix myself, and parts are way more expensive (I still find that a € 150 Sram Red 22 deraileur is a ripe, so I dont even want to consider an electronic one).

I now just hope that Campa won’t follow the trend.

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Yes for a rim-brake bike, but no for a hydro-disc bike. I don’t like the ginormous levers needed for mech-shifting+hydro-brake.


I have DuraAce mechanical on my Scott Addict (2016) and just got a Factor O2 with DuraAce Di2. I’d stick with Di2 all day. Electronic shifting is almost flawless and 10x faster. I’ve had plenty of times where the mechanical needs to be adjusted or toyed with. Not with Di2. That said, if I was building a new bike with a budget at had a price break on the mechanical - then sure, I’d buy it.

Imo SRAM lost out when they didn’t continue 11spd etap, tho that’s going off on a tangent. Just like Shimano did way back when, component manu.s are setting the playing field so you HAVE to buy instead of interchangeable items ie cassettes etc…

Currently run DA9000, and would consider 12sp ultegra mech if offered. Not sure there is still a market for DA mech. I suspect often the only reason people choose DA mech is because they can’t afford di2.

I’m part of the “everyman” class of riders–I don’t race, I don’t have huge amounts of excess cash, and I like to install, maintain and repair my own equipment, in my shed or on the road–so, it is mechanicals for me, all the way, whatever brand, whatever level.


I thought I would have. In my perfect dream world I would have bought a handmade steel bike with DA mechanical and rim brakes. In reality I ride mechanical Ultegra on one of my road bikes and SRAM Force AXS on the other one. Riding both of them back to back on the same day made it pretty clear that it’s electronic for the win. And I don’t buy that battery flat argument either. If you manage to pump up your tyres you will also manage to charge your batteries. And this couldn’t be any easier with those group sets showing you your battery level with every shift (thanks Shimano for integrating this in the new group sets).

Hey Marc, where do you see your battery status with every shift?
I can barely see the LEDs on my ETap mechs when I’m riding.

With AXS you get a green light, a red blinking light or a steady red light with every shift on both the front and rear derailleur. Very easy to see.

I literally went out and bought a new Dura Ace 9100 mechanical groupset after the announcement that they’re not doing 12sp mech.

So yes, I would have bought 12sp DA mech if offered, but understand that I’m in a teeny tiny cohort.


Agree with these points, Ultegra mechanical was the sweet spot for price/weight/function for me.


I wouldn’t buy DA mechanical, but I definitely would buy 12s mech Ultegra if it were offered for an older rim brake bike that isn’t drilled for electronic routing (yet?).

I confess that if I were buying a new bike, at this point in my life, I’d likely skip mech Ultegra and go right for Ultegra Di2. However, I don’t have many financial obligations, so I’m inclined to spend on my hobbies. If I weren’t in that situation, then having used both mechanical and Di2 Ultegra on two different bikes, I can’t say that I’d always spring for Di2. Also, I do want to keep my road bike in service as along as feasible.

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If my price range extended to DuraAce, I would absolutely be interested in a mechanical, rim brake version.

I do understand Shimano’s reason for ditching mechanical, though. I hope they continue to provide mechanical group sets near the top line of their spec; some of us want to go fast within our capabilities, and still tinker with our bikes.

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