Your prediction for MSR?

I would say Mads Pedersen even though it is his first appearance. He is in top form, showed Van Aert who is the boss last week and has all the qualities to do well in that race.

It’s Mads’ first time at msr??? :open_mouth:

Wow…the fact I always mix him up with Stuyven is probably clouding my recollection, but I would have sworn he’s done the race about 5 times.

I think it may be a large-ish bunch today. The fact Ewan is out means there will be less incentive to really hammer the climbs to drop sprinters - but i still don’t think Fabio will hang on.

WVA from a decent-sized group.:thinking:

WvA if it makes it to the Poggio intact or Pog to attack on the Cipressa and solo to victory.

Both Lotto Jumbo and UAE Team Emirates have the strongest teams, struggling to see anything else happen.

The favourites to mark each other out and an unlikely candidate wins a small group sprint.

Not even Pog can hold off the field barreling down the coastline at 50kph after the Cipressa. The course is just not selective enough to allow a move like what he did in Strade.

With all the riders either out or off too form due to the “sickness”* going through the peloton, it is looking more and more like a surprise winner…one who sneaks away at the right moment while everyone looks at each other to chase.

I had liked Ganna for a Cancellera-esque move on the run in, but it seems he was sick this week so not too likely.

Petersen is worth keeping an eye on….his form is great, but dunno how sharp he’ll be after only getting the notice on Thursday.

  • not calling it COVID doesn’t make the reality any different.

From what I understand Pedersen never entered MSR because he was not trying to peak to early before the Flanders classics but he is apparently firing from all cylinders right now and his team seems ambitious looking how they have stayed present at the front since the beginning.

I’d love to see Biniam Girmay do well for Wanty Gobert, maybe he can play with Kristoff if both stay in the front at the top.

I think nobody can dismiss MvDP either even though he has 0 racing day.

After watching the finale, I’m feeling really good about Mohoric.


That was a great edition. I think it was the third fastest Cipressa climb in the MSR history and the fastest of this century for the peloton.

Congrats to the two guys who managed to stay in front until the start of the Poggio, that was no small feat.

Pogacar was quoted saying he saw Mohoric losing grip and sliding through some corners, and virtually off the road in some others before Mohoric was gone for good.

Pretty epic.

So Mohoric used a dropper post for his daredevil descent on the Poggio….really smart move. As technical and tight as that descent is, it was the perfect place to use a dropper.

It was also the first thing he mentioned in his interview….

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UCI to ban dropper posts on road bikes in 5….4……3……


I don’t think so. Droppers have been in the peloton for a fe years already, mostly on neutral cars and they don’t create anu threat in term of security, quite the contrary I would say.

I expect road bike manufacturers to integrate a dropper to their frames (similarly to what BMC has been doing on MTBs) progressively, including aero frames and tout them as the new big thing that you can’t live without.

If they manage to build them without to much weight penalty I may welcome that.

looks like it gets part way back to super tuck. but you want is to go down and forward. getting the body a few inches lower towards the bars does way more than bike and wheels.