⚡ Zwift : Fun is Fast

Let’s talk about the platform that revolutionized indoor training.

Whether you’re using it as a training tool, a racing platform or as a game to have fun, you’re welcome!

Tips, rants, questions… just participate!

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Has had a massive impact on my cycling. From the start the racing side of it was a massive motivation, even though with no sprint I am never very successful.
Joined an online club and then got into the Thursday night Team Time Trials. Ending up captaining a team and got fed up of being the weakest member, so got myself a coach at the start of this year and have been working even harder since [whether outdoors or indoors].

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I go back occasionally and buy a month to check out the beautiful scenery and do some free riding, but always end up quitting because the roads are overcrowded, the training plans are far too restrictive, and the cheats ruin the racing. The world building is gorgeous though.

It’s funny you find this being an issue because the main thing that all their concurrents are missing (and are eager to get) is crowded roads !
Also I guess it depends your timezone and the roads you choose, but once you quit the starting zone, it quickly become less crowded.

You would think it would be easy for Zwift to create a mode where you could hide all of the other riders and ride ‘alone’.


There is a work around, just create a meetup with one other person who you know won’t be riding and choose “meet-up only view” so that no one else appears. This also lets you choose a world that isn’t on the daily calendar, they’re much quieter so even if you don’t choose to hide other Zwifters the roads are much quieter.


As explained by @jamesbongard you can create a meetup for yourself.
Another workaround is just disconnecting your computer from the Internet once you started your session. And you connect it back when you’re done so you’re activity will be saved.
I tried it involontarilly a few months ago when someone messed with the optical fiber of the building; I used my smartphone 4G to save the activity at the end.

Tell that to NY and London :rofl:

Perhaps it’s because I use a fairly small laptop, I can never get into Zwift. Sure, I import my interval workouts into there, but if I’m honest I hardly pay attention to the screen. I find I can’t really see the gradients coming, can’t easily tell where I am on the course, and find all the general game-y stuff/gadgetry a bit of a turn-off. It;s a shame because I want to like it, not least because it would make winter training a lot more fun.